Preamble, Scope, and Terminology
Preamble: A Lawyer’s Responsibilities

1.  Client-Lawyer Relationship
Rule 1.1.  Competence.
Rule 1.2.  Scope of representation.
Rule 1.3.  Diligence.
Rule 1.4.  Communication.
Rule 1.5.  Fees.
Rule 1.6.  Confidentiality of information.
Rule 1.7.  Conflict of interest:  General rules.
Rule 1.8.  Conflict of interest:  Prohibited transactions.
Rule 1.9.  Conflict of interest:  Former client.
Rule 1.10.  Imputed disqualification:  General rule.
Rule 1.11.  Successive government and private employment.
Rule 1.12.  Former judge or arbitrator.
Rule 1.13.  Organization as a client.
Rule 1.14.  Client under a disability.
Rule 1.15.  Safekeeping property.
Rule 1.16.  Declining or terminating representation.
Rule 1.17.  Sale of law practice.

2.  Counselor
Rule 2.1  Advisor.
Rule 2.2.  Intermediary.
Rule 2.3.  Evaluation for use by third persons.

3.  Advocate
Rule 3.1.  Meritorious claims and contentions.
Rule 3.2.  Expediting litigation.
Rule 3.3.  Candor toward the tribunal.
Rule 3.4.  Fairness to opposing party and counsel.
Rule 3.5.  Impartiality and decorum in the tribunal.
Rule 3.6.  Trial publicity.
Rule 3.7.  Lawyer as witness.
Rule 3.8.  Special responsibilities of a prosecutor.
Rule 3.9.  Advocate in nonadjudicative proceedings.


4.  Transactions with Persons Other than Clients
Rule 4.1.  Truthfulness in statements to others.
Rule 4.2.  Communication with person represented by counsel.
Rule 4.3.  Dealing with unrepresented person.
Rule 4.4.  Respect for rights of third persons.

5.  Law Firms and Associations

Rule 5.1.  Responsibilities of a partner or supervisory lawyer.
Rule 5.2.  Responsibilities of a subordinate lawyer.
Rule 5.3.  Responsibilities regarding nonlawyer assistants.
Rule 5.4.  Professional independence of a lawyer.
Rule 5.5.  Unauthorized practice of law.
Rule 5.6.  Restrictions on right to practice.
Rule 5.7.  Limited liability legal practice.

6.  Public Service
Rule 6.1.  Pro bono publico service.
Rule 6.2.  Accepting appointments.
Rule 6.3.  Membership in legal services organization.
Rule 6.4.  Law reform activities affecting client interests.

7.  Information About Legal Services
Rule 7.1.  Communications concerning a lawyer’s services.
Rule 7.2.  Advertising.
Rule 7.3.  Direct contact with prospective clients.
Rule 7.4.  Communication of fields of practice.
Rule 7.5.  Firm names and letterheads.

8.  Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession
Rule 8.1.  Bar admission and disciplinary matters.
Rule 8.2.  Judicial and legal officials.
Rule 8.3.  Reporting professional misconduct.
Rule 8.4.  Misconduct.
Rule 8.5.  Jurisdiction.